How to Ship 

We are excited you are interested in shipping our products. Here are a few options that are available.

Most of our customers will set up their own shipping with the local truck lines that specialize in handling live plants. This allows them to have plants picked up at several nurseries to arrive in one shipment.  These trucks are temperature-controlled and they have air ride trailers. This is the best choice to ensure that sensitive plants arrive in the best condition possible. These truck lines charge by the cubic foot and they have minimums.  They will go pick up your orders from multiple nurseries and consolidate it for you on their dock. Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions or need us to suggest some of these truck lines. 


An option for smaller orders is the FedEx Freight Box program. FYI, this program is often referred to as the Pallet Program.  If you are looking to ship an order of 48 Cubic Feet or less (which is approx 8-10 of the Flori-Design shipping boxes), we often recommend this option. Please keep in mind the FedEx Freight Box Program is delivered on a truck that is not heated or cooled. Nor is it an air ride trailer. FedEx will not guarantee that live plants will arrive safely. We also require a 24-48 hour (business days) lead time to prepare your order when shipping via FedEx. 


  • Step 1: Contact us by phone or email to place your order. 



  • Step 3: Email us your shipping label.


Additional Help from FedEx:

Dear Valued Customer,

Just a reminder, that all packages shipped by any carrier to include Federal Express, United Parcel Services, US Post Office, private trucking or Air cargo will be the sole responsibility of the receiver and or customer it is billed to. Flori-Design assumes no responsibility for shipping damage, delay in receiving shipment or lost shipments. All products, when it leaves the warehouse, are in excellent condition and are packaged to arrive in the same condition and on schedule. If your shipment was billed to you by Flori-Design, using our account, we will help you claim any damage due to shipping. We will forward any shipping cost information and copies you need to complete your claim. After speaking with these carriers, they suggest that you immediately take pictures of your damage at the time you receive your shipment, showing a time and date stamp that will coincide with the delivery. This may help expedite your claims. Delayed shipments can be handled by your carrier when you provide tracking info. We also suggest that you check with your shipper that your receiving address is not listed by the US Post Office as a residence as there are extra charges for this along with a surcharge. Several new charges have been instituted by these carriers. We, of course, will take responsibility for shipment errors due to an incorrect name, shipping address or shipping instructions. If there have been any changes to your business address, please let us know so we can update our files.