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About Us

Flori-Design Inc.

"A Boutique Wholesale Nursery"

We share our passion for growing by combining superior quality products with consistent, reliable service. The management and employees of Flori-Design, Inc. work hard to guarantee you will enjoy your specialized dish gardens, glass terrariums, fairy gardens, and carnivorous plant products. We are proud to be serving the plant community since 1989 and our roots run deep in the Florida foliage industry.

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Packed with Care - Because We’re Different

You hear it often “packaged with care”, but what makes us different? We take great care in packing and shipping your order to ensure you receive the best quality product possible. So much so, that our plants are boxed in a 250lb test cardboard. We then place wooden sticks in the corners to protect against possible crushing, not to mention each corrugated (waterproof) waxed tray is lined with bubble wrap. Then newsprint is tucked carefully around each plant to make sure there isn’t any wiggle room. Once the boxes are stacked on a pallet, corner boards are added for additional reinforcements. We then, place the completed packed products on an air ride trailer that is also temperature-controlled. We take all the additional steps to make sure your products arrive safely and securely.  Next time when someone says “packaged with care”, I’d encourage you to ask “exactly how so”.

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